Ahead of the Game

Movember Partnership

The Movember Foundation is committed to making it ‘the norm’ for men to be talking about their health. Movember and The Harlequins Foundations has teamed up together to work towards the Movember Foundation’s 2030 strategic goals to halve the life expectancy gap between men and women and reduce the rate of male suicide by 25%.



Ahead of the Game (AOTG) is one of the Movember Foundation’s most successful projects aimed at young men.

AOTG aims to improve youth mental health through community organised sport and targets adolescent male mental health by engaging with the whole community around the local sports club. It involves a series of different programs which have been designed with input from young male athletes, coaches, and families for those very same groups.

For more information about Ahead of the Game, or if you would like to involve your club in the progam, contact Paul Wilson on paul.wilson@nullquins.co.uk.

We are delighted to be announcing this partnership after working closely with Harlequins in an unofficial capacity for many years. In working together, we aim to positively impact the lives of the many men and women that support Harlequins and the wider community.

Owen Sharp

Movember Foundation CEO

As a Foundation we are committed to making a positive change in our community’s health, both locally and globally. We are confident that this partnership will inspire, educate and equip men to invest in their own wellbeing. We want to stop men dying too young.

Marc Leckie

Head of the Harlequins Foundation

There’s a really special bond in any sport and especially a team sport like rugby. A lot of people think we look pretty tough on the outside and you do have to be to play the game we do but there’s a lot of emotion attached to it and being able to be open about that and talk with guys that mean a huge amount to you and hopefully you mean a huge amount to them can really help.

Mark Lambert

Harlequins player