Skills Builder

Skills Builder

Everyone needs essential skills to succeed – whatever their path in life. That’s why we’re delighted to be joining the Skills Builder Partnership, which brings together educators, employers and skills-building organisations around a shared approach for building eight essential skills.

We’ll be supporting Skills Builder’s work with sports organisations, empowering them to rigorously build and measure essential skills like Teamwork and Aiming High according the Skills Builder Framework, which breaks each skill into clear teachable steps.

By working together, we will support many more sports organisations to ensure that every young person we support is building the essential skills to set them up for the rest of their lives.

The Skills Builder Partnership brings together educators and employers to support every child and young person to build their essential skills.

The Skills Builder Universal Framework provides the national standard for teaching essential skills. It breaks each skill into steps, supporting progress for students of all ages and abilities – including those with special educational needs.  


As part of our partnership with Skills Builder, we’re delighted to have produced the Sports Toolkit, which supports young people and coaches to develop the essential skills that they need to succeed through sport. 

Free and available to all, the handbook and toolkit provide a wealth of resources and guidance to help support and track skills development, helping athletes and coaches across a range of environments understand how they can progress and maxmise the skills that they develop.  

You can download these resources by filling in the form below. 


Skills Builder “staying positive” video resources 

Our partners at Skills Builder have developed a range of handy videos, covering the “staying positive” element of the Skills Builder framework. These encourage learners to apply the skill in real world situations, helping to reinforce positivity, particularly during this difficult period. Check them out! 

Triple troubles 

don’t stop colouring

Cool, calm & collected
SP-1-201908-Triple troubles
SP-2-201908-Don't stop colouring
SP-3-201908-Cool, calm and collected

refusing to read 

computer crash

castle catastrophe

SP-4-201908-Refusing to read
SP-5-201908-Computer crash
SP-6-201908-Castle Catastrophe

Tricky timetables

positive focus

pro, pro, pro

SP-6-201908-Tricky Timetables
SP-7-201908-Positive focus
SP-7-201908-Pro, Pro, Pro

easy as 1, 2, 3

flip the script

fixing friendships

SP-8-201908-Easy as 1, 2, 3
SP-8-201908-Flip the script
SP-9-201908-Fixing Friendships

project management

getting on with the job

party planners 

SP-9-201908-Project Management
SP-10-201908-Getting on with the job
SP-10-201908-Party Planners

coaching conundrum

comedic timing


SP-11-201908-Coaching conundrum
SP-11-201908-Comedic Timing

to apply or not to apply

driving dilemma 

venue trouble

SP-12-201908-To apply, or not to apply
SP-13-201908-Driving Dilemma
SP-13-201908-Venue Trouble

promoting positivity

try this at home

camp counsellor

SP-14-201908-Promoting Positivity
SP-14-201908-Try this at home
SP-15-201908-Camp Counsellor

in the jungle 

SP-15-201908-In the Jungle
Skills Builder resources
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